Community Impact

Hope for the future through Social Impact

Social Impact by most terms means the positive effect an organization has on a community by providing social programs and vital resources which benefit its member families. In other words, doing good in the neighborhood. Social impact does not start or stop with organizations; it includes individuals that live within and outside of the impacted community. We impact our community as a unified living organism — one body, one mind, one movement, one vision to positively impact our community.

Whether or not we are actively aware, we impact our community every day with our thoughts, words, and actions. We are therefore compelled to take our rightful roles and positions to ensure we continue to exist, sustain, and grow our communities.

Ideal Institute of Technology answers this call to partner with community residents and stakeholders who are prepared to act to better the lives of every community member through social, economic and education impact. We support business community partners of change that possess a desire to serve the community and put the needs of the community first. Our organizational culture is to improve the socioeconomic status of youth and families through education impact initiatives that foster the idea of empowerment through humility of service. We close the digital literacy and technology workforce gap through social inclusion and access to pathways of course work in technology, career readiness, and training for opportunities in technology careers in demand today and tomorrow.

Education empowerment is economic empowerment. A community that is economically viable places its value in the education of its members. It is often said that desperate times call for desperate measures. Ideal Institute of Technology is a place of innovation in technology education, a learning culture influenced by student experiences based in real world applications, and a platform to level the socio-economic playing field for all who see community impact as personal improvement. When we assert that challenging times call for strategic alliances and measured solutions that eliminate acts of desperation, social impact is the by product. Knowledge is not only power, it is the fundamental pathway to community prosperity. Reliability through accountability. Reputation built on building others reputation. A framework that says when people grow, we grow. Now that’s Ideal. That’s Hope for the future!

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