Admission Requirements

Eligibility for Admission

Ideal Institute of Technology offers students the opportunity to pursue their dreams, but they must meet certain requirements first. These qualifications are in place to ensure that those accepted have what it takes not only to complete challenging coursework, but also thrive and excel in their chosen career paths.

To gain acceptance as a member of this esteemed institution’s program roster, applicants must demonstrate competency across various areas such as:

  • Attend a counselling session with the Admissions Counsellor

  • Submit FAFSA prior to enrollment (financial aid students only)

  • Fill out an application for enrollment

  • Submit all required admission documents for program of interest

  • Submit two forms of identification

  • Submit proof of high school graduation or higher (diploma, transcripts, degree)

  • Complete a personal interview with the Admissions Counsellor

  • Pass the required entrance exam

  • Finalise payment options with the Financial Aid and/or Accounts Department

  • Sign enrollment contract and complete all necessary enrollment documents

  • Pay the administrative fee


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