Benefits for Corporate

Grow with Ideal as a Business Associate

“Another Avenue for Revenue for Business Owners and Non-Profit Organizations”

How will becoming an IBA benefit your business?

Through partnerships and affiliations, businesses will receive more digital exposure and will provide opportunities for employee and client growth in the workplace. As an affiliate, a wide range of
educational and technological services will be available to your company or organization.

Key benefits are available to IBA partners:

  • Special discount to all Business Associate employees for all programs and workshops.
  • Your clients will get a 10% scholarship in all our programs.
  • Business Associates who refer IBA programs to their clients can receive a 10% to 20% commission.
  • Business Associates can host IBA workshops and generate even more revenue.
  • IBA will promote all the Business Associate’s information and special promotions on our website.
  • Business Associates will be able to attract more clients by offering advanced services.
  • Business Associates will get special invitations to all IBA events such as workshops and demos.
  • Business Associates will have first choice in hiring well-trained graduates.
  • Receive recognition and promotion in all IBA events.

Become an Ideal Business Associate by simply filling out an application form.

We welcome the opportunity to further discuss our proposal with you and your employees.

Call us at 609-318-8008

Business Affiliate application

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