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Welcome to, a one-stop “hub” for businesses looking to hire staff who have the specific job-related skills they need for their operations, individuals seeking to launch or advance their careers, and training programs and schools trying to find internships for their students and job placements for their graduates.
According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 6.1 million unfilled jobs in the U.S. in August 2017. So, why were 6.8 million people looking for work at the same time that there were so many unfilled jobs? The answer is quite simple: because there are not enough people being trained for the jobs that are actually available in the workplace.
What we do at Job4Americans is identify the types of jobs are currently unfilled in the marketplace – and then find individuals with the skills those jobs require. In addition, we also assess individuals’ skills free-of-charge – and provide them with a summary of the skills they need to acquire in order to obtain any available jobs they’re interested in. After that, we make sure that each student is properly trained for the type of job they want to obtain – and then match them up with an employer who is looking to hire that type of worker.


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