CompTIA Network+ Certification


Program Hours: 340 Hours /17 Weeks
Program Tuition: $5,000.00


The Networking Specialist Certificate is designed for students who are interested in acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to work in the fields of IT and networking specialists and to pass the CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Security + certification exam. Students will receive hands on competency-based instruction geared towards entry-level employment in the IT and networking industries. On completion of the program, students will have the skills required for IT and networking careers in industries including healthcare, financial services, fashion, and entertainment, and for continued credentialing in Cisco Networking Systems and/or degree programs such as IT, engineering, math, and science.


Students taking this course should be familiar with personal computers, the use of a keyboard and a mouse. Furthermore, this course assumes that you have completed one of the following courses:

  • Windows 7: Basic
  • Windows 10: Basic
  • Must have:  High School Diploma or High School Equivalency
  • Must score:  10 or higher in CASAS

What Will I Learn

  • Describe various troubleshooting methodologies
  • Use basic Windows interface tools
  • Identify various motherboards and CPUs
  • Configure the PC’s BIOS and boot the computer
  • Examine the settings for buses
  • Identify various types of expansion cards
  • Attach peripheral devices
  • Connect video output and image input devices
  • Install and configure a local printer
  • Identify various network connection types
  • Configure a TCP/IP client
  • Provide IT support for portable computers
  • Monitor and manage the Windows operating system
  • Troubleshoot system startup problems
  • And more…

Certifications and Supplies

  • Ideal Institute of Technology will provide a one-time voucher for student to take:
    • Network +,

    Student will have access to all necessary equipment and supplies such as Computers, Networking Devices, Tools to work with computers, Computer Software, Switches, Routers, Modem and other tools to work with computers for the duration of the course.

    Student will have full access to our Learning Management System (LMS) portal, Google Classroom and Live Webinars. We will be providing resources in the form of PowerPoints, video tutorials, quizzes, assessments and much more.


Career Opportunities


After successful completion of the program and obtaining certification(s), A Job Readiness program and a free Resume Building Workshop will be offered to student through Ideal Career Centre, to prepare students for their job search. 


Upon successful completion of the course and certification, student will get 100% job placement assistance through Ideal Career Centre.


Many entry-level Network Specialists start their careers in Helpdesk or support positions. In many cases, on-the-job training is required. Common duties include monitoring networks, documenting network problems, and providing technical support for company personnel.

While working in the field, it is important to maintain certification. Most professional certifications need to be renewed after a certain period of time. The CompTIA credentials are valid for three years. In order to renew, CompTIA allows candidates to take an exam or continuing education courses.


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