Founders Message

Mr. Ren Parikh

Founder Of Ideal Institute Of Technology

We Believe. You Belong.

Each day I think about the youth who walk through the doors of Ideal Institute and the barrier-rich circumstances which many of them face just to come to school. Although federal and state lawmakers and local schools and organizations work in conjunction to fill the void with safety-nets to support our youth and keep them enrolled in school until graduation, many still slip through the door each year. Why is that? Where are we failing them? How difficult it must be for students to make the choice to leave school or the workforce because they face many challenges or lack the skills to continue.

As we turn our attention to our graduates today, I want to thank everyone – family or community members, instructors, friends, and fellow students – who supported and encouraged our students and each other to reach their goals. Never underestimate your contribution. Your support made a difference in their success.

I want to celebrate our youth who fought to overcome barriers to earn their high school equivalency diploma or industry-valued certification. I want to celebrate our youth, who throughout the COVID pandemic, stayed focused on their studies and in communication with their instructor. I want to celebrate our students who are looking forward to continuing their education or starting a new job. Our students are ready to showcase their skills to employers who are ready to hire them.

As our graduates of 2020 and 2021 join other members of the Ideal family, we have a message for those youth who have not yet figured out where they belong: “We believe. You belong in our Ideal Family.”


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