No Excuse Scholarship Application

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What’s your excuse for not going back to school? Ideal Institute of Technology is knocking down the barriers and closing the education gap by dedicating over $1 million dollars in scholarships and career training to Atlantic County youth ages 16-24.

Scholarship Funds will be applied towards students who enroll to earn their high school diplomas (GED) combined with a high quality technical career training course. Students have the choice to select a high demand training program in the areas of Information Technology, Construction Trade, Music and Video Production, Entrepreneurship in Ecommerce, and more. Scholarship Funds cover tuition and transportation costs, to include up to $1,000 in stipends for the entire duration of the selected training program.

Ideal Institute of Technology strives to create an ecosystem of sustainable learning. Instead of relying solely on outside donors and grants, the #NoExcuse Scholarship is funded by Ideal’s affiliated student enterprises. These businesses include the Ideal Tech Center, Ideal Builders, Ideal Studio, Ideal Discount Club, Ideal AC Esports, and Ideal Appliance Repair. Enrolled students have the opportunity to gain practical workforce experience through these social enterprises.

Priority Enrollment Deadline Notice: Please submit this application by Feb 26th, 2021 to strengthen your chances and access available Scholarship Funds for the 2020-2021 academic school year.

What to Expect Next:

  • Once you have applied, an enrollment specialist will contact you to set up an appointment to begin the admission process within 72 hours.
  • Enrolled students are required to complete an average of 20 hours per week in virtual lectures and classwork to maintain their scholarship.
  • Both high school graduates and dropouts under the age of 24 are encouraged to apply.


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