Transfer Student

Earned credits prior to attending Ideal Institute of Technology or want to pursue your bachelor’s degree at a four-year college? Find out how you can transfer credits.

Make the Most of Your Experience

We know college credits cost time and money, so we offer transfer options to help you make the most of your experience. Transfer credits you’ve earned into Ideal Institute of Technology, earn credit for on-the-job training, or transfer Ideal Institute of Technology credits to a four-year university to keep learning.

Transfer In

Earned credits outside of Ideal Institute Of Technology. Find out how to transfer your credits to Ideal Institute Of Technology.

Transfer Credit to Four Year-Colleges

Ideal Institute Of Technology offers over 300 courses and programme transfer options with a wide variety of public and private four-year colleges.

Credit for Prior Learning

Sometimes, experience is the best teacher. Find out how you can earn credit for skills you’ve learned on the job


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